Radmila’s story

I am Russian – Georgian. I moved to Denmark 8 years ago from Moscow. My husband is Danish; my daughter is Danish, Russian and Georgian. So, my family is very diverse, and I enjoy it!

When the war started, I was in shock and enormous pain, shame and guilt. Yet, I found the strength, courage and energy to turn my pain into action. Before moving to Denmark, I was a marketing director at Essity, responsible for Russia, Ukraine and CIS countries. When the war started, I offered to help my former colleagues in Ukraine. One of my former colleagues moved to my home in Copenhagen on the 6th of March. Dariia had been living with my family for the last two months.

We did not see each other for ten years, but when the war entered our homes, Dariia and I became family. After collecting three humanitarian aids and hosting Dariia, I joined Aid Ukraine Denmark as a team lead for translation.

We cannot change where we are born, but we can choose what kind of people we want to be. Our actions define who we are. I have made my choice. I decided to help and stand with Ukraine as my way of protecting democracy and human rights. When I see a Ukrainian woman – I do not see a refugee – I see a mother, I see a sister or a friend. I want to hug her and take care of her and her children. I want her to be safe and protected in my new home here in Denmark.

Empathy and care are at the heart of everything we do as volunteers. Our translation team builds bridges; we are the first who meet people and welcome them here in Denmark. One of our jobs was to join buses from Denmark to Poland to transport the Ukrainians who had fled the war to Denmark. I was on a mission myself; 44 Ukrainians were on my bus. I will never forget this experience. I am very proud that Aid Ukraine Denmark has brought safely 529 Ukrainians to Denmark. Being a volunteer is my most rewarded job!