Life in Denmark

On this site, you, as a newly arrived Ukrainian, can read and watch films about Danish society and about life in Denmark in general. Here you can, among other things, get more information about children, childcare and school, health care and working in Denmark. Choose a topic below and learn more. Welcome to Denmark.

Adapting and settling into a new country can be a daunting and overwhelming experience. That’s why we have prepared useful links to the web pages to help you navigate in a new country.

Useful phone numbers and links


If you need medical assistance:


Danish Red Cross support line: +45 3529 9660
WhatsApp: +45 4140 4086


If you need urgent medical assistance


please call the emergency number: 112


If you experience psychological stress and need advice and psychological support


The Capital Region of Denmark 1813 or +45 3864 1300
Region Zealand: +45 9356 7691
The Region of Southern Denmark: +45 9944 5060
Central Denmark Region: +45 7847 0470
North Denmark Region: +45 9764 3700


Due to the war in Ukraine, the Immigration Service and SIRI have made this information page with a Q&A aimed at persons from Ukraine who wish to reside in Denmark or are in Denmark. The page will continuously be updated and expanded with relevant information.


If you are planning to come to Denmark and you need housing, we recommend contacting the Red Cross at Centre Sandholm via [email protected] or phone at +45 3543 2244.


If you need legal help, e.g., in relation to contact with the municipalities, the residence permit process, or housing, please contact [email protected]