Maria’s Story

My name is Maria, and I am from Kramatorsk. I want to express my deep gratitude to Aid Ukraine Denmark for the great help to Ukrainian people who fled the war in Ukraine. By a happy coincidence, I was a passenger on the first Aid Ukraine Denmark bus for Ukrainian refugees from Poland to Denmark on the 11th of March. On the first of August, I started to work and finally settled here in Denmark. Here is my story. Terrified by war and occupation, we had to flee from our home in the Donbas area. We flew from my home city Kramatorsk to Poland. I had to go to a completely different city in Denmark. But at a refugee camp in Poland, the bus check-in desk told me to wait a day.
I was with my mother and a small dog, we had already been two days on the road, and we were so tired that I decided not to wait for another bus but to take the Aid Ukraine Denmark bus, and I was not a mistake. As you know, accidents are not accidental. I am happy to be here where this bus brought us!

Ever since leaving Ukraine for Denmark, I have been thinking about volunteering. I couldn’t help in Ukraine, but I wanted to be helpful in Denmark! After three months of adaptation to a new life, I became a volunteer at the Aid Ukraine Denmark team! I am grateful for the opportunity to take part in the job fair for Ukrainians as an interpreter. It was an incredible experience for me. It was a meaningful and fulfilling job to help people like me and my fellow citizens in need. We are bound by the same tragedy, we lost homes and employment, and we had to flee to save our lives. We want to work, and we need jobs. Such events help us not only to find a job but also to engage and integrate into Denmark. I was one of them, a person who was looking for a job.

By June, I have already attended several job interviews. In July, I found a job as a waitress in a cosy hotel Konventum in Helsingør. I made the right choice. I am so happy that I have this job. I consider my workplace – my second home, and my colleagues are my family. They support me and help me with practical advice and job onboarding. Even when I am tired, I am happy because of my team and colleagues at Konventum.

I started to attend a Danish language school twice a week after work. At school, I study grammar, and at work, I practice with colleagues and guests. Every day bit by bit, I understand Danish better. I am very thankful to be here.

Thank you for your hospitality!