English Courses

You have received your professional training, academic degrees, and work experience in Ukraine. However, you do not speak Danish and / or English, or you have not used English since you left school. We prepared for you several offerings to improve your English skills. Municipalities will help you to learn Danish.

Find your English language level. You can take an online test in English here. When you know your level, you will be able to find a course at the right level.

Free English face-to-face classes in Copenhagen

We have no available face-to-face classes at the moment, please sign up for the waiting list here

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Resources for Online Education

Learn English – Free Online Course for Beginners
The English Hub for Refugees
English for work | ENGLISH FOR SPEAKERS OF OTHER LANGUAGES (excellencegateway.org.uk)
Headway Student’s Site | Learning Resources
BBC Learning English

Virtual English conversation coaching

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